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Hardfaceing old anvil

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Hello Folk, I decided to rescue a old 156kg anvil from a friends scrap pile. 

The 2 long radios edges from the table to the hardy have mushroomed sides, they are about 12mm lower than they should be.

After sanding the rust off the sides the top looks to be a steel plate. 

I was going to use hardfaceing rods to fill in the edges, but after doing a spark test on the face it seems to be mild steel or very close.

Your thought would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance John Boy

Unfortunately I am unable to add a photo.




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Without more information all we can really say is DON'T DO IT!  NOT A PROBLEM! and THAT'S A REALLY GOOD IDEA!

sort of like: Hi I have a car it has some body damage should I just cut it off?  (Why yes you just dropped the value of your original Bugatti Royale by a million dollars.....or Don't waste your time on that yugo...)

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Welcome aboard John, glad to have you. How long have you been blacksmithing? Truth is if you've been at it long enough to actually NEED a particular radius on an edge you wouldn't be asking you'd be doing it. So by deduction I have to think you don't have much if any experience blacksmithing and this means you're far, FAR more likely to damage an anvil than improve it.

How long have you been hardfacing? Ever hard face an anvil? Do you know to what temperature to preheat it; do you know what steel the face is, to make an educated guess?

Without pictures and pertinent details our only valid advice is NO, DO NOT weld on that anvil!! More anvils have been damaged to the point of ruining by "repairs, restorations, etc." than have been improved one whit. Even person experienced rebuilding anvils is putting the anvil at risk as soon as an ark is struck. Nevermind the prep work with grinders.

Please hook up with a blacksmith organization close to you and get some expert advice, take some classes or just attend meetings and open forge sessions. Wanting perfect tools and equipment is a common desire for ANYBODY getting into a new craft. We all want perfect before we know what we need. We've all been there and I don't have room in my closet for  another T shirt. ;)

Frosty The Lucky.

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8 hours ago, Frosty said:


Just because I have never refaced an anvil before, dose not mean I have no experience using one! 

If you asked yourself who NEEDS a particular radius on an edge to do the same job over and over you would come up with a short list of trades. 

It is not about perfect, but what is needed for the job in hand.

If I knacker it by welding it, so what, it can go back in the scrap pile, but if i make it good, then i will have a third anvil at a handy in-between size. I do weld and have done for 20 years. 

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I hope you can forgive me for mistaking you for a beginner. Those are questions asked most often by beginners and I'd much rather not see someone ruin an anvil without being able to appreciate and evaluate the risks.

What kind of hard facing rod are you going to use? I did a LOT of hard facing as a driller and have rebuilt a anvil or two. My preference is to be helpful and hopefully increase your chances of success.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Well then, John Boy, sounds like you are good to go. Given the scant amount of information that you have given the members here, there is no way you could have received better answers than those offered. As you have said, you have the experience and insight to proceed. And if you knacker it up, I just hope it was not some venerable treasure from bygone days.

Robert Taylor


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