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Carl Schlasse Anvil 330 LBS / 152 KG No 1

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I did buy a anvil from witch i first did not know from who it was, now are some things cleared.

It is an Carl Schlasser Anvil, What i know is that they where fabricated up to 1945, so this one is at least 70 years old.

I take some pictures,

on the pictures you can see the symbol of the fabricator a "Anchor" under the anchor you see the number 152, that number is the weigt of the anvil 152 KG or 330 LBS

on the other side of the anvil you can see a other number and that is " No 1 " i do not know what it stands for, maby No 1 of the serie, or it can be that it is the smallest one they are manufacturing so a heavier one can have No2 and so on.

I hope i can date this anvil, but who now when en whereIMG_2505.thumb.JPG.45be223e20452a34e144bIMG_2507.thumb.JPG.75ad0b3fba38cc55dd972IMG_2506.thumb.JPG.f82c5b79d991fba03a94cIMG_2508.thumb.JPG.377da5143d4733a3be8a3IMG_2509.thumb.JPG.187e9dcfae27316f49d13IMG_2511.thumb.JPG.ce024bb037b640dd3f1d5IMG_2512.thumb.JPG.69ced0c75e24ff91a140bIMG_2513.thumb.JPG.c130aa82aca97199f15a5

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Here is a Carl Schlasse that I had in my shop for a while. It has since gone on to a new home earlier last year. Made in the south German style with a upsetting block. Very clean face with minor chipping at the edges. Great rebound at or over 85%. It weighed in at 224 pounds.





The "Anchor" symbol of a Carl Schlasse anvil. Also the wieght stamp of 101.5kgs.


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Drop a ball bearing on the face and estimate how far it bounces back as a %. If you're not good at estimating use a scale, in America we'd drop from 10 inches and note how many inches it rebounds as a %. 85%+ is excellent, 70%+ is good, 60%- is okay to junk.

The better the rebound the more energy the anvil returns through the work per blow and the more efficient it is at moving iron / steel.

That is a BEAUTIFUL anvil. Nice score.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I did try today with a balbearing witch had a diameter of 1/2 inch, to try the rebounce,

i drop it from 25.4 cm that is 10" i did it several times to ensure i look right and i drop it 5 times on diferend points of the anvil.

i com out on a rebounce of 86 % 


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