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I was driving through the scrap yard rounded a corner and saw these old saw blades.  My first thought was "OOO I could do something with those".  Then I thought "like what?"  So thought I would start a "what would you do with these" thread.  These are saw mill blades the biggest about 24 inches across I would guess.

I see giant Owl eyes.  I also know of some folks making high end carving tools cut from saw mill blades.

Your turn.

Saw blades.JPG

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I get all kinds of ideas, anywhere from sculpture components to shelving. One neat idea ( since I always seem to lack space in my house), cut a 90* angle out of the back of some and use some old drill braces as spacers to make corner shelving. Can't say it's kid safe tho :) 

Im better at making ideas then explaining them sometimes. 

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That would be one giant sized owl with eyes that big!!

I don't know what use they would be, other than what has already been suggested. I've cut them up to use the toothed bits as required for sculptures (bird wings etc) but they are difficult to weld.

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Clocks came to mind last night.

You could do some really neat art work on those if you had a CNC plasma cutter. I've seen some really nice looking work where they pretty much made the base stock a "lace" with all the fine detailed cutouts.

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