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new to me Trenton

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A bit about me: I'm newly retired, living north of Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

No blacksmithing/forging knowledge, skills, or experience.

But I have an interest in learning, and now I have an anvil. :) 

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According to Anvils in America (Postman, 1998), early Trenton anvils were most likely imported from Europe. Postman suggests that these anvils could have been produced by German or English makers. I would agree as I have owned two early Trenton anvils and they were different. One of them had all of the characteristics of a Peter Wright, except for the name and and stamped stone weight. The other did not, it was almost more generic and plain. I recommend that you pick up a copy of the Postman book as it is wonderful. The book will explain the manufacturing process of the domestic Trentons and several other popular anvils. The book will also clear up most of your other questions related to your anvil.


2012-07-24 11.29.08.jpg

2013-06-11 10.38.18.jpg

2012-07-24 11.25.07.jpg

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AIA is a good book IF you're interested in learning about anvils. That's not a bad thing but my personal preference is learning how to use the things. There is a sub section on Iforge about books, good bad and popular. I like "The complete Modern Blacksmith" by Alexander Wygers. "The New Edge of the Anvil" Jack Andrews (?)

Oh DRATS I'm blanking. Combining CRS and a TBI sure cleared up a lot of space I was wasting on memory.

Frosty The Lucky.

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can't remember "stuff"   and traumatic brain injury.

 Frosty has a great excuse for getting things mixed up; the rest of us just rely on the old standards "old age" and a well misspent youth!  (Some of out brain cells did survive the extreme culling we put them through...)

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