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I know it's been a while, about a decade now? Anyways, did any Junkyard members end up hanging their hats here? People like Paw Paw W.(R.I.P.), Roger Smith, John Fee and his ability to side track the entire group with a single sentence that would leave us laughing our butts off, Quenchcrack, John Larson and his family of power hammers, Thomas Powers, Lonesome Pine, and so many more. Actually, looking back on it, I think those years might have something to do with my now somewhat 'tweaked' adulthood. ;)

Merry Christmas to any other old Junkyard dogs still kicking around. 

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Merry Christmas,

You betcha, been there done that. I haven't heard from Neil Winikoff since I bought his natural Gas Forge, after he shut Keenjunk down. I don't know why, probably just tired of it consuming his life.

Stephan, If you post your location in your Avatar, we might know what part of the Rock you are making a shadow. Lots of the old names are still here, some have gone to the Great Forge in the Sky (r.i.p.).

It's still a journey. Hang on and try to not fall off!!!


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Keenjunk was a hangout for many of us before Neil shut it down. There is a replacement for the site that is http://www.farwestforge.com/Forum/bsforum.php where a few of us old goats still hang out some in addition to this site. The old Keenjunk files are still available  out there in the net. Hope it is OK if I post the other site in here - if not I am sure I will hear about it.

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