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I have a few of these large brake drums, I was thinking  ( or should I stop thinking ) of using one to make my first forge. Yes no or XXXX NO.. I hope to make something like the last pict. but not on blocks. I will fab up a stand.


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brake drum on wheels.JPG


drum forge.jpg

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hey in pic all the way at the bottom, are those galvanized pipes i see. if they are make that change and no matter what do not use galvanized pipes in any forge ever! (sorry if you already know this)




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On 11/20/2015, 12:24:06, ThomasPowers said:

They are WAY out of the hot zone and will not cause problem in that build---and I am one of the most strident warners about galv as I lost a good friend to it!

im sorry about your friend, i dont know much about that sort of stuff. but if i see any ting galv i try to warn people that might not know because of incidents such as your friend. ( im sorry about your friend and hope i did not offend you).



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And he knew better; He sent everyone else out of the forge when he wanted to burn off some heavy zinc plating on some plumbing fittings so he cold weld the pieces, got metal fume fever which progressed to pneumonia.  I still miss the ornery old cuss. Which is why I'm usually going overboard about the danger; but there is a limit...

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Zinc and Paw Paw Wilson come up every now and again. One problem is the size of his shop. See the attached photos. Two car ports large enough to drive a tractor trailer through (either side) with NO ENDS on the building. His gas forge was in the middle of the shop across from the man door on the side of the building. He has put 10-12 pieces of galv pipe in the forge to burn off the zinc. I saw the pipe and the forge personally, and it did indeed burn off the zinc coating. The fumes went into the air of the open shop.


Jim had COPD, and breathing issues. The zinc did not kill him, it only opened the door for pneumonia, and then double pneumonia and he died from the complications.I spoke with both Jim and his wife about his health during this time so I am confident I got the information from the source, and during real time.



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That is Jim's home on the left and his shop, the dark building, on the right. The shop is as large or larger than his double wide.



The house side of the blacksmith shop. The access road circles in back of the shop. Notice that one side is closed off and the other side has the hole for the door, but the door was never installed. The end is open.




The other end of the blacksmith shop was FULLY OPEN, no doors or anything else to restrict the flow of air.




As you enter the shop, from the left or the house side, you notice Jim's old blacksmith shop is now INSIDE the new blacksmith shop.




This was the out building where he kept the overflow from his shop. It also is now inside his new blacksmith shop.




Again take note of the location of the tire power hammer, and gas forge (white tank) located where the two buildings are put together, and the two open doors at the end of the shop. Take note of the man door just to the left of the forge.


The full article can be found at http://www.iforgeiron.com/page/index.html/_/articles/a0030-jim-ppw-wilson-shop-and-working-with-zinc-r989




Pawpaw Wilson died from sticking galvanized pipe fittings in a gas forge in a closed in shop.

Look at the photos, decide for yourself if the shop is closed.




I read the news about Pawpaw from another site right after it happened. Was it accurate? Don't know, but it sounded authentic. 



As another site does not allow any text quotes I will reword what was written by Jim Paw-Paw Wilson.  


Posthumous Demonstration by Jim Paw-Paw Wilson

Jim starts off with this is a heck of a way to do a demo. Jim says he did something stupid. He says he knew better. He said he was thinking it was just a little smoke and he was tougher than that. He continues that he miscalculated and now I am dead.

You can easily look up the original article on another site.


Accurate? Only if dead people do demonstrations. 


Your call


So there are no questions,

I personally took the above photos with permission to do so.



The original post can be found here

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