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Anvil Repair - Should I or Shouldn't I?

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Watched a bunch of videos, built myself a brake drum forge, commenced my hunt for an anvil and was lucky enough ( I think?) to find a well worn 162LB anvil that was basically given to me by an older fellow who was moving. Since I'm a complete newbie  ... maybe fired up the forge and banged on the anvil 1/2 a dozen times to start to feel my way around things ... so I'm not in very good position to evaluate whether or not I should attempt to "clean up" my anvil ... the edges are pretty banged up but there's certainly are workable well radiused areas, some pitting on the face as well as a couple of gouges. 

I'm not interested in filling in the chip on the edge but I would like to hear opinions with regard to cleaning up the face and redressing the edges. Images below and thanks in advance. 




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Well worn? That's not true. She looks a little more than gently used. You'll be surprised at how epically we can mess things up if we try to "fix" things to fit to the standards they were when they were made. She'll last you 200+ years easy without more than a gentle sanding and maybe a little filing on the edges. 

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