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Need ideas Beverage bottle opener

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Thanks Thomas! Here is a few more. The little brass brushed one is a bottle opener keychain. All of these designs are made from 3/8"ths thick square, except for the one with the pineapple grenade twist which was made from
1/2" round bar, but could have easily just the same been made from the
3/8"ths. The one twist on that first one is a cube twist, the one twist on this one is a pineapple twist, using the same chiseling on all 4 corners and flats like a cube twist.






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Here is one I just did for a friend today. It is about 6" overall. This is to sit on a bar, not be a keychain. I have done them in the past where the twisted section was only about 2", and those did work as key chains.

I made a few like you show above Apprentice Man where it is just bent over on the far side, but I found they are very hard to use. I like the fold over so you get that leverage in the middle of the cap. It makes a real difference.



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Nice job ApprenticeMan & FredlyFX !! Consider your designs stolen. :) Of course you know that we all have a responsibility to thoroughly test each & every bottle opener that we make to make sure the quality control is there! LOL

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