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I'm looking for a new anvil

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 I'm looking in to buying a NEW anvil. Around 200lbs. I'm tired of working with garbage(which is all I can find around here used). I checked the review thread with out much success.

Any info on the following anvils will be greatly appreciated.

Rigid Anvils from Grainger

Emerson 200lb traditional, or TFS 200lb from Centaur forge

AB Legend 200lb, or JHM Competitor 250lb from Anvil Brand

Austrian style workhorse 224 or 180( don't think they have a pritchel hole) or A Bulgarian 205lb(read a "bad" review on this one) from old world anvils.

I would like to keep it around 1500 or less. Looking for ring, good rebound, and durability. 

I am currently using a cast with steel face about 175lb unknown manufacturer. There isn't a square edge left on it anywhere. Has about the same rebound as vanilla pudding, and the face is dished really bad.


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Did you look at the Jymm Hoffman anvils?

Made in the U.S.A.
Cast entirely of H-13 tool steel
(hot working impact steel)
Heat treated to Rockwell C 50 – 55
Weight: @ 110 pounds

Jymm's hammers and anvils are available through the IForgeIron store.


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Check out Incandescent Iron Works (Rhino anvils). I haven't seen a chipped edge on one of Steves anvils. You might check out Nimba anvils. They are both cast steel anvils (USA) and I haven't got a clue about shipping. 

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The heck with it, I just pulled the trigger on a 275lb Peddinghaus. Won't make me any better.

That's a nice piece of equipment and it can't hurt. You'll make you better, happens to all of us.

Frosty The Lucky.

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For folks reading this in the futer, any buisness that sells rigid tools can order you an anvil, a damg good anvil, so shop around for the best price, Granger may not be it.

Home Depot carries Rigid tools.

Frosty The Lucky.

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