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  1. My "shop" is beside the mews I keep my red tail hawk in ( I move him to a weathering pen when I work ), nothing smaller than a housecat survives for long
  2. 1/2" rebar and some scrap angle iron
  3. Got home from fishing and found this stuff by my shed. A giant section of I beam, couple leaf springs, looks like some screws off an old lathe bed, a milk crate full of big roller bearings and races, and a 1 inch belt grinder.
  4. Cut almost in half then broke off with vise grips(not really broke, more like peeled). Is it wrought iron?
  5. Tungsten, don't know what percentage, ( not from old tools )
  6. The heck with it, I just pulled the trigger on a 275lb Peddinghaus. Won't make me any better.
  7. Thanks, just wondering, stumbled upon some recently
  8. Hello all looking forward to learning what I can
  9. I'm looking in to buying a NEW anvil. Around 200lbs. I'm tired of working with garbage(which is all I can find around here used). I checked the review thread with out much success. Any info on the following anvils will be greatly appreciated. Rigid Anvils from Grainger Emerson 200lb traditional, or TFS 200lb from Centaur forge AB Legend 200lb, or JHM Competitor 250lb from Anvil Brand Austrian style workhorse 224 or 180( don't think they have a pritchel hole) or A Bulgarian 205lb(read a "bad" review on this one) from old world anvils. I would like to keep it around 1500 or less. Looking for rin
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