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3rd hand clean up (lots of pics be warned :) )


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Finally got a set of keys to the great grandparents farm again and permission to clean out whatever I find that I want out of the Blacksmith shop.  Grandpa's forge made from a milk separator has been claimed by a cousin.  I'll have to get some pictures of it next time I'm up there.  I had seen the chrome or nickel plated footrest that surrounded a pot belly stove but it's not there now.  It's all been picked though at least 2 times by everyone else.  But on the bright side there are a few treasures to be found in the 6" of marmot manure and dug up dirt on the floor.  Came up with a set of cast rollers for a grindstone, stuck in the corner was a set of CPR tongs for pulling ties.  A million nuts and bolts.  Many are 1/2" or better square nuts.  Two cans of square nails were sitting on the stump where the kids used to be sent to straighten nails when they were bad.  Have a lifetime supply of rivets, found a sack of them in  the back corner by the sickle mower blades. and near there almost covered in dirt was a set of cast iron legs off a oven or stove.  Also found a neat little oscillating drill?  and a fret saw.  5' length of rail from the Great Northern Railway.  Didn't have a lot of time to really swamp it out  but there are quite a few bits of steel here and there.  A bunch I have a feeling may even be wrought but that will be for another day. Interesting old gauge looks like temp of some sort maybe for a chimney.  DSC02080.thumb.JPG.2320d99c6cd5c1e3b7082DSC02081.thumb.JPG.9d6f6d441fe0edc1cfe92DSC02082.thumb.JPG.854becdf2eeae7c9959b4DSC02084.thumb.JPG.2dca3f50b03228a32c94cDSC02085.thumb.JPG.892b714821e899f83cce0DSC02094.thumb.JPG.8ebfaf83793773f4acb47DSC02095.thumb.JPG.234de57bc0618d2776bd8DSC02091.thumb.JPG.6b5b915e601f35368de52DSC02085.thumb.JPG.892b714821e899f83cce0DSC02087.thumb.JPG.a979b2151adc79e16c6ceDSC02066.thumb.JPG.8c6ec4e7d6216b80a20caDSC02088.thumb.JPG.d71913528b70947a2b465DSC02089.thumb.JPG.75ef833681e27d7654118

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The oscillating drill is a valve grinder/lapper  for automoive use. They had different ends that went on depending on the valve. Suction cups for flat, pins for those with holes, etc. You put the lapping compound on the valve seat then set the valve down against it. The tool was put against the valve face, and the handle rotated. It rotates so far one way then backs up some, then goes forward a bit farther the next time. If you watch it will go all the way around, but in a jerky motion.

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The gauge looks rather like the ones that go on the front of a woodburning cookstove and probably reads in fahrenheit as predating the switch over.


And the rule is "when you have a lifetime supply of any item is will always be the wrong size for your next job requiring it." 

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