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I Forge Iron

Hello from Central California


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Howdy all

Im a few months in and feel like I don't know much still, but I know I like metal. Metal good...

Here are the anvils I collected and forge I made. Of course I made a knife out of a railroad spike for my first project. Yes, I hate myself for it as much as you do.

Anyway lots of good info here I look forward to increasing my knowledge and skills until I can contribute.







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Welcome aboard Orion, glad to have you. Don't worry about making a RR spike knife you aren't the only one. We promise not to hate you more than a few seconds, okay done! It looks pretty nice, good grinder technique.

About the anvils, I think Josh is the only person who uses an anvil for an anvil stand but what the hey, folk from Fresno have that . . . reputation anyway. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, please feel free to take shots at a lapsed Valley boy.

Nice job on the forge. Charcoal?

Frosty The Lucky.

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Two bits of advice on the forge, for genral forging as aposed to heat treating us mud to block up two thirds of your air holes so you have a smaller fire ball, you can only efectivly forge 6" or so of heat. But if you use charcoal, you can yous the extra pot and air to "coke" raw wood ;-) be aware that clinker from coal will stick to fire brick (as will clinker from dirty wood) 

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The California Blacksmith Association Spring Conference is this weekend and just across the valley from you near Hollister.  Lots of fun and a good learning opportunity.

This. Do your learning curve a massive favor and make the trip, there are loads of talented smiths heading over there as we speak and there will be ample opportunity to absorb more knowledge than you can scribble or record in a limited time frame :)

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Thanks for the tips and greetings fellows.

I am currently at the spring conference and joined CBA. It was definetly a good choice to come here. So far I've made tongs and a hold down tool and a mangled seahawk head. Also gained a huge amount of knowledge that I am desperately trying to retain.

I am using hard wood lump charcoal and have been covering the extra holes with brick but will switch to clay now. Did not know about the slag sticking. 

I bought the 95# mouse hole for $250 at infinity forge in reno. The 110# M&H I got at an estate sale for $100. 

Lol they were stacked just for the pic. I chisled out a depression in a good sized tree stump and fit them in. Pincher bugs like to live underneath it so I coated it in rustolium paint.


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