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I Forge Iron

Hello from just west of Chicago


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Hello Ladies and Gentelmen..


I have been pounding a bit of metal as a hobby for a couple of years now.

Learning as I go...


Looking to see if there are any smiths local...Maybe a little communal fire and anvil work 1st and then some beer???


I am just west of Ohare Airport.


Willing to host or travel a bit..Once we get to know eachother.


I work a lot of hours normally...Week ends work great..

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Welcome aboard, glad to have you. I'll just skip my usual location in the header bit, it's been covered. <grin>


You've come to probably the best blacksmithing site on Earth, I don't know about the nebular stars but this is it on Earth. <grin>


There are hundreds of hours worth of good reading in the sections on the home page. It's listed by subject including the local organizations section at the bottom where you can find the blacksmithing organization closest to you.


See you around.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Hey gvmnt45,


I'm a fellow Chicagolander hailing from Oak Lawn, so pretty close to you.  I'm still what you'd call an aspiring smith, slowly building my own propane forge and keeping my eyes on Craigslist for a nice cheap starter anvil...and doing my research all the while.


I signed up with UMBA (Upper Midwest Blacksmithing Association) and they're having a winter conference this Saturday in South Beloit just along the Illinois-Wisconsin border...I'm looking forward to meeting some actual flesh and blood smiths in person and seeing what gems they can bestow upon me (both in knowledge and cheap anvils!)  If you're interested you should check them out too, and I'll toss you a craft beer if you're into that sort of thing.


Here's the UMBA website.


Happy Smithing!

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Get to that conference if you're interested in damascus (patternwelding) for knives or ornamental work.  Pep's a great smith and demonstrator.  


(Though you probably won't have quite as much fun as when Pep demonstrated for our conference "with one hand tied behind his back".   He had surgery on it right after the conference.  Luckily he brought and unloaded a powerhammer, treadle hammer and rolling mill to demo with---1 handed...)


He's good and a good demonstrator; tell him that guy in the red hat with horns  sends some remote heckling!

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Just got back from day 1 of the conference, as you said Pep was a very good presenter and very good at forge welding.  He only had one weld all day that didn't stick...which he promptly slathered in enough flux to spray all over the front row while power hammering it out.  When I sent him a heckle he said, "I know that guy, that's Thomas Powers!  I don't know how he manages to know everybody wherever I go!"  And then everybody got to hear the story of him with a broken hand trying to hold a piece of stock and work a powerhammer at the same time.

A really good time, wish I could go back tomorrow for day 2! 

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