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Recently I wrapped up a similar W2 blade '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> that the customer decided halfway through he didn't like the triangulated guard and pommel. SO the old fittings went on a smaller blade, and I reprinted a smoother guard n pommel (I was dead-set on 3D printing the fittings on this girl). Ebony scales and brass pins.

14.625" OAL, 4.75" handle, 1/8" at guard with distal taper, 1.8125" at widest


The stepping on the printed components is quite visible on the curved surfaces. I flubbed up somethin good on the finish on two pins... at least they are both on one side so there's a pretty side haha


The guard and pommel were printed with cavities to reduce weight.


The color is an interesting mixture of the stainless steel powder and the bronze that is cast around it. Conveniently similar to brass.

Went with a smooth gradient of hamon clay, which was an error in retrospect because the blade is so wide the grain transition/boundary was spread out resulting in a BORING hamon... so I took the sanding a step back for a satin finish with hint of hamon ("satin finish with hint of hamon" sounds like a food).

Comments/critique encouraged :)


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Very nice indeed, I'd say that description would be more like a beer or wine review.

I really like the look of the printed parts and the pitting on the blade goes well with it making it look "old" like a historical relic that has been preserved and in use again. However the grip looks totally "modern". I would probably have gone with a less buffed look to give the impression of "age"--- perhaps a light sandblasting of the wood before waxing or oiling.

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