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coluring wax coatings for finishing work


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Hi there! 

Just wondering if anyone has had success tinting or coloring the classic beeswax/linseed/turpentine mixture?

I've definitely made it darker by using black shoe polish.


I was wondering about using dyes for coloring candles...


Or perhaps gilders paste is the answer? - basically I like making my own coatings where possible and I'm cheap.







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I just used soot for black wax finish, ala Bealer in "The Art of Blacksmithing." For different shades from light gray to black and various silver highlights I'd hit the local Blaine's art supply and buy graphite paint additive.


The question sparked "crayons" as a first response but I have zero idea how the colors would translate to iron work. A little experimentation seems to be in order, so I'd just heat a piece of brushed iron and apply a colored crayon to it and see what happens. If it worked then I'd see how much I could dilute it in a wax finish.


Frosty The Lucky.

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