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A bird in the hand, is worth more than two in the Bush!!!  The one you have is worth more than the one you wish for.

If you don't have one and need one, you will pay too much.

If you don't have one and you find one for reasonable, you buy it.

If you have one that is small, you will learn the limitations. When you see another one for a reasonable amount, you will buy it and use two.

When you find ...............etc. :) :) :)

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I paid $250 for mine, it is older and it wasn't a great deal but it was worth it to me at the time (and still is). You will always hear stories about great deals , but waiting can take a long long time especially up here.
Vince has a spare I think, but it was in poor condition if I remember right. Would have worked with some love and sweat. You might also ask Kevin in talkeetna, he had several set aside for a class, they may be gone or spoken for though.
If you have ever priced a new one it will make you rethink what an older one is worth. And don't forget to add in freight charges...

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I got a 7" Peter Wright from ebay about 10 years ago, had about $175 in it plus shipping, making it about $225 as I recall. I knew that it was missing its mounting bracket, flat U shackle, gib key, wedge, and spring. It took me a little over a day to make the parts. All was worthwhile.

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