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What's the new Project?


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Man. you guys made it hard. I already started with RR spike and a chunk of 1/4x1, although mine was longer than 6 inches.
I finished it with min-wax spray on lacquer (sp). I am doing a limited run of knockers for Christmas presents.


I will try the limits mentioned above, although the turkey idea is a little ahead of my time:o

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I don't know, it is kinda skimpy but might prove to make for some interesting designs ( a great conservation of matter experiment!) Although I have an inkling feeling that maybe Sam had a particular design in mind when he quoted the materials..... :)
Alright, I've never liked doing animal shaped work.... but if I get this railing project I'm lining up squared away, I might give it a shot.
What's the end date?
-Aaron @ the SCF

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"it is a GO. Materials you have to use are
(1) 12 inch peice of 1/2 inch square hot rolled and
(1) 1 inch wide 1/4 thick peice of flat bar 6 inches long. GO TO IT!"

I interpret that as having to incorporate those two items into the final product, not as a sparse limitation. Paul, looks like you got the head start, just use the length of 1/2" square for the turkey head/knocker thingy

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Why not just post it in the IForgeIron Gallery?

There are some 4,922 images posted there already that have 2,216,071 views. There were 43 new images posted in just the last two days. The Gallery does work and there are people using it. Show us your work, we would like to see it.

Another advantage of using the IForgeIron Gallery is that the gallery automatically resizes the image, creates a thumbnail. You can simply copy the link below the gallery photo and insert it into your forum post.

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nice knocker Mike. well beyond my skills for now:)
Here's one I just finished. I tried to keep a western theme. The friend it's for is a john wayne knut.
the snake is from a spike. the back is a piece of 1/4 inch plate chisel-cut to look like a cactus. the pivot is supposed to looke like a branch of the cactus, but my wife says it looks like a lasso. lots a fun anywho.
rattler5.JPG rattler7.JPG rattler3.JPG

mike, not sure what you are doing, but I go to the gallery, go down to the "linked thumbnail", copy the whole thing and just past it into my post. I don't click on any other buttons, just paste it in.

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