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My new acquisition

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Hello, first excuse me for my english, i write you from Spain.


The last week, my confidence junkman call me for say me that he has found a rare anvil.




I send you the pictures with my new anvil. It hasn´t horns, i think that in english it say ´hornless anvil´  and i can read in some foum that this anvil is a sawmaker´s anvil.


I think that in Spain, this anvil is for a car body workshop.


It has a mark in one side, this mark is " 79 k4". The weight is 79 kg (about  176 lb)


Too the anvil has 4 holes, one in each side, i think that these holes are for when the anvil was manufactured.


Received you a greeting

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Looks like a really good anvil to me. Anvils we being made after man walked on the moon too. I bought equipment from an auto repair shop that went out of business---they had been in their shop since 1919 and so had a complete smithing set up and a complete woodworking set up as car bodies were made with a lot of wood back in the old days. But the shape of this anvil is not conducive to body work. Tinsmithing stakes would be what I'd expect more---that and lead wiping.

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Welcome aboard Jacin, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in the header you might be surprised how many IFI gang live within visiting distance, yeah even Spain. Maybe a little less general that "Spain" would be good.


You sir are a case study for good public relations. Giving a nice gift can bring rewards far in excess of the actual value of the gift. Beautiful knife by the way. You can do almost anything on that anvil a smith can on one with a horn. It's only real lack is a hardy hole but a well mounted vise takes care of that.


Nice score Jacin. It's good to have friends isn't it.


Frosty The Lucky.

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I agree with Frosty; you are a fine example of good public relations. What goes around comes around - isn't that what they say?
And I didn't mean to be critical in saying that a good anvil may come your way. That one you have from the junkman is a valuable piece that will serve you well. Great things have been made on a lot less!
And there is no need to apologise for your English. It is every bit as good as some of the postings you will read from native speakers!

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Thanks to all for yours answers.  Thanks too for your opinions about the knife.


I don´t know if in USA or Australia or others country it´s say, but in Spain there is a phrase that say "you have to have friends even in hell", 


Other time, thanks to all.

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