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gas forge help


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they will just want to sell you a new forge ( and any company that will not supply parts for things they make dont get my business )

had a pillar drill from a place here, they had them made in china, wanted a new spring to return the quill ( it was the biggest drill they did and cost over 1500 uk / 2250 US aprox.

after nearly a year of saying it was on order and would be here soon they finally sent me a spring from their smallest drill which was less than 1/4 of the size needed and when i complained they said they had discontinued the drill I had and stop supplying spares the same day they stop selling the drill ( but they keep messing you round for a year and dont tell you this ) and then just send a random part, they actually admitted to this on the phone.


that place will never see any of my money again


maybe with the help of those here you can make a new burner that does not need the valve, look for the T burner made from a mig tip and pipe fittings or any of the others here

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Sorry, I should've reread your post before replying. You're going to need to find out what the minimum part they will sell you that will make the repair or buy a new one. Do they have a dealer with a shop? Most welding suppliers will give a person a pretty good deal to keep old failing gas torches out of the end user's shop.


The liability is just too great for the to risk someone rebuilding torches, I don't know of anybody selling less than components.


Frosty The Lucky.

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If it's a Flamefast-manufactured part and they will not sell a diaphragm separately, you are pretty much stuck with having to replace the valve.


If it's a bought-in standard part, you have a chance of bypassing Flamefast.


Got any photos of the offending valve?


And where in the world are you?

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flamefast will NOT sell him the valve

dont know if they would repair it if sent to them

 they would probably want to sell another forge ( which they would still not sell parts for when needed )

this makes me think of the value of flamefast forges in relation to disposable items like a cheap cartridge type blowtorch, not worth repairing, allow for that value when they give you a price for a new one and if it is over 50 pounds I would tell them what I think of such items

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