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Another yard sale anvil

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I'm split between Trenton and Hay-Budden. If you look on the underside of the anvil, I'd bet you find either a caplet shaped indent or an hourglass shape. If it has the caplet indent in the center, it is likely a Trenton. If it has an Hourglass shape around the edges of the feet, it is a Hay-Budden. The reason I am leaning toward Trenton is that I have not seen a Hay-Budden with the feet flared out that far before. Also, the handling holes I have not seen on the feet of a Hay-Budden before (that might be just me though).

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Trenton ever have A's on their serial numbers?
Trentons usually stamped weight on the foot opposite the serial number, but early Trenton may have it on the side. But I doubt early Trenton would have an A prefix in the serial number.

That all points to HB.

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For a few years there were some Trentons with an A serial number stamp. Some have speculated that the A prefix was for factory seconds. I have had one so marked and it was a fine anvil. They seemed to have been in the years 1906-7 to 1908-9.

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