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2 more knifes


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Hello all.

Been a while since last posted a complete attempt.

Well this year i finished 2 more knifes so i thought i should share with ya all and hear what you have to comment on them :)

1st is a leaf spring fully forged knife. 14cm blade 27 cm total length. handle is olive tree wood and bronze bolster. The sheeth is hand made with leather and bronze leaf decoration.

















2nd knife is made out of an HSS metal shaw blade . 8cm blade 20 cm total. The scabbard and the handle are from walnut tree wood. This is a decorative knife mostly. it cuts but not for great use.

The mosaic pin is my own creation :)

The designs pn the blade were done with the electro etch method.












Hope you like them. Waiting to hear your comments on those 2.

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The profile on the first knife is really cool. Also, the way the sweep of the bolster/guard almost meets the cutting edge is an unexpected surprise. I'm having difficulty explaining that. 


The second knife, to me anyway, has a Scottish feel. I like how you finished the back of the handle too.



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