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What year was a Hay-budden anvil made with serial #79 (I think) , 300 lbs and what is it worth?

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Serial number 79 is highly unlikely, but not impossible. Most I have seen are five or six digit numbers. If it is a Hay, age would be somewhere in the 1890 - 1920 range. As to value, anywhere from $30 to $1200 dependent upon condition and location. Unfortunately you didn't give us enough information to provide a better answer. If you can get us some photos and tell us what the rebound is like, and identify where in the world you are, it may help to answer your question.

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Below the horn, near the base of the anvil, there may be some numbers.  Also, on one of the sides there it may be stamped with the name Hay Budden and it may have more than just the name.  The weight of the anvil may be stamped there also.   Pictures of these sites may help others ID your anvil. The price will really depend on the condition and weight of the anvil. Good luck.  

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Dragon's Lair: would you estimate that your anvil weighs 300#?  Even if they were 50% off in their estimate that would still be a 3 digit number for a weight stamp.


Stamping could be occluded for a number of reasons including a factory foul-up, (seen them), Anvil abuse, (own them!), weathering---as scale often builds up around the base of an anvil and then 80 years under a bad roof can do quite a bit of damage to the front of the foot stamping.


If it is part of a weight stamp then I would have no problem with it being 179 or 279 as most people over estimate anvils terribly!

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"Have a mislabeled anvil. If you think you do then its worth lots"

I don't know anybody paying more for anvils that are mislabeled; generally the opposite.

Also MM1970; the post you are replying to is about 6 years old and has been silent since then.

If you are selling something then the tailgating section is the appropriate place.

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