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Need a new guillotine

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Hello all. Not sure if there's an answer to my question, but I'll try anyway.  After 4+ years of pretty regular use, my home-made guillotine tool is starting to show failure at 2 welds and I'm starting to look for another.  I'm wondering if anyone has used different types and could guide my decision on which type to buy, a "Smithin Magician"?  OCP's design? or another?    Not to offend anyone, but I'm not looking for advice from someone who has only used one design as we can adapt to almost any tool and make it work. 


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Hi all, thanks for the replies. 

Thomas - I do mainly stuff for myself, some art, animals, picture frames, bottle openers, flowers, hinges, plan hangers, been having fun with hands out of 1" stock, working on a couple of gates, etc.  But what I'm looking for is to make it easy to butcher tenons, and some 3/8" - 3/4" fullers. 

781 - OCP used to be up the road from me, and a couple of friends have some that are 10 years old and show little wear with regular use.  I want one that'll last for years.

swede - Apparently my welding skills only last for 4 years, (or/and perhaps I need to cut the stump to lower the tool so I'm not hitting the dye toward the back guides).

thanks again.

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I got to use one from Yesteryear forge not too long ago and though it was an extremely well-done piece of kit.  Certainly worth the money they were asking, in my opinion, though I couldn't say how many years it would survive in a shop.


Were it me, I'd simply weld-up the failing welds, maybe add a bit of reinforcement, and put it back in service.  If the first welds lasted four years, new welds should get you another four years.  That's a lot less than the cost of a new guillotine!


Love to see some pictures of your design.  I'm thinking about welding something up in the next few days and am always looking for design ideas.

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