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Fixing an ancient pair of tongs


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I would take a heat and punch it out especially if it was one of the riveted flat and then wallered out rivets. Then you can clean the joint up with the wire brush and flatten things back out nice, and you can size your hole with the punch too...

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Hair ballz i know what your saying about the scrapyard we have on here in asheville nc and i get all of my good car springs and axles for makings hammers and tongs for pennies on the dollar it actually makes me happy to stockpile it especially after seeing what a piece of 4140 cost to buy online. Makes me feel sorry for people who do have to spend a fortune to forge

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I try to evaluate the posters skill level and the tools they have at hand and make my suggestions based on that...  What you can do and what I can do are quite different.   We have been around for a while and have many more options at our disposal ...   I think we are all on the same page and try to help as best as we can....  The real truth is I normally cut rivets off with my air chisel..   I spent a good portion of my working career in the automotive field..


Forge on and make beautiful things


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