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2 London Pattern Anvils

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Hello all


Tidying my dads workshop the other day and we found these behind a stack of wood. Apparently they were part of a workshop clearance he purchased a few years ago. He asked a family friend who knows about these sort of things and he said to describe them as nearly new London pattern anvils face smooth and level with sharp edges.


Could anyone advise where I should list them for sale because they sound like they're worth a bit and I don't want to sell them on ebay where they'll end up as ornaments.


apologies if I've broken any forum rules but this is my first post







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Well contacting your LOCAL blacksmithing group is always nice.  Not knowing where in the world you are at I can't suggest one to you.


Here in the USA Craigslist is often used.


And finally we have a tailgating section on this web site for selling items.


(Brooks: often found in the commonwealth; but UK or Australia?---bit of a difference in shipping...  Some have even made it to the USA as well.)

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Where are you located?

There may be some here that may be interested if they knew where you were.

Listing on Craigslist is a good place, and if you list on Ebay you can mention "local pickup only" so you don't have to hassle with shipping.


Looks like you have a lovely Brooks anvil in fantastic shape.

If it was near me, it would have my interest!  :-)

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Those are beautiful anvils, and Brooks is certainly a top-shelf maker.  Considering their size and condition, you could ask top dollar for them and expect to get it if there are any folks in the area needing a good anvil.  What you've got is two as-new anvils that just happened to be in the best size range a hobby smith could ask for.

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