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In everything I have done in my life that I wanted to be skilled or at the minimum knowledgable about I have sought out some one or groups of folks that had that knowledge I was after. In sports it is humbling to compete with someone that is better at it but when the day comes that you can play at the same level or exceed what they are doing it is a wonderful feeling. If you work alone it is tough to gain additional skills. That of course depending on how you learn. Some can learn tons just by reading, some by watching and some through combinations of both, I have always found that if I see it then try it then see it more It helps alot. Same with text instructions. Read it try it read some more then again. If you have the opportunity to get into a hands on workshop it is like gold to your skills. Some one that can show you and then watch what you are doing and give pointers is great. But if you do not have someone like that or are not able to go to those kinds of workshops,,if you do not have transportation or finding someone else just is not working for you. This is the place. You're in the middle of smiths from all over the world. They are here and most are willing to help. Join the chat or post a question on one of the forums. They have more answers than you have questions..read through and pick what may work for you in your shop with what you have to work with. Enjoy

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Very well written, Rich...

Y'all will laugh at my analogy but I used to bowl at a competitive level in high school and college. Out of several hundred bowlers in my skill class, I would usually finish in the top 10 in the state - best I ever did was 2nd. I'm not tootin' my horn in any way but what I want to say is that I never did as well as when I was in good competitive company. The natural juices of friendly competition are necessary to drive you to the next level.

There is a great deal of info here and a little occasional foot race once in a while is enjoyable for both participants and spectators.

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