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Folded steel Katana


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Hello I am a new member here,    I am a swordsmith/ Bladesmith and I just finished this one.   The tsuka is Hard Missouri white oak with cherry accents To prevent tsuka from splitting.  It is hand forged fro 1075 and 9260 silcon steel . Its nice and limber . Never cut anything with it .

   Eventually I will outfit it with Tsuba and ito wrap.  I made 3 of these until I got one that did not delaminate a little . sword cutting edge is 29 "  I am cutting saya for it at the present time .

    Thanks for looking  ... James







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How is the Project coming along ?

​Robert how are you . It has been over a year since I visited  IFI . Been very ill . Had some serious liver problems . feeling much better . That's the reason I have not posted much

I just got back to working on Katana , I just cut a new tsuka ,tsuba, made a couple menuki and am do tsukamaikie right now . I will post it up when finished. Nice to be back.    James

My Swords 015.JPG

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