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I Forge Iron

Shop Checklist: It Begins

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Well folks, I have been yacking Stephen Olivo's ear off with my little tiny bits of progress towards shop-building, so I figured I would let him share the load...with you!

I am in the process of cobbling together my first shop, and here is what I have so far:

Stump: ash, 80-100 lbs.


Scrap: spring steel, plus the caps of the shocks which MIGHT be big enough for a small forge.


That's really about it. Things I still need:











Enough for now. Let me know if I missed anything!

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Some other stuff:

  • Vise, and stand for vise

  • Anvil tools: cut off hardie, hold down, guillotine tool, etc.

  • Air source such as bellows or blower

  • Swage block(s)

  • top tools

  • bottom tools

  • cone mandrel(s) (depending on what you plan on making)

  • water quenching bucket

  • bucket for clinkers and hot stuff removed from forge

  • Safety stuff: safety glasses/googles, first aid kit

  • assembly table

  • racks for iron/steel

  • measuring tools

  • reference books

For going to events you will need other stuff such as tables, boxes, display stuff, etc etc. 


Used/second-hand spring steel has concerns as to metal fatigue, so not recommended for making swords. ( a guess based upon your avatar and planned acquisition of spring steel)

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Top and Bottom tools are like Dentures. If you only have upper or lowers you have a hard time chewing. :) :)


Bottom tools fit in the Hardy hole (normally), Top tools have a handle, never wedged to the head.

The top tool with a handle is NOT A HAMMER, DON'T SWING IT. It is to be hit with a Hammer, when it is above the bottom tool (think-squeezing your fingers together with putty between them).


Keep your eyes wide open and your mouth only open enough to ask questions. Tools will appear, just like magic.



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1.Ice chest

2. Radio or cd player

3. a fan

4. 1st aid kit, aloe plant, pine tar.

5. extra safety glasses for stand arounds.

6. peanut oil, or motor oil, or some other quench slower than water.

7. A -BFH the last letter stands for hammer. For your striker.

8. Bucket for rags, you will use a lot, and some can self combust.

9. Camera, take pics of everything.

10. chalk, for drawing

11. Clay, for practice

12. Some means for the wife or SO to get your attention, I use a flag in the window, can't hear the cell phone.

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My wife is still in the conceptual phase, if you get my drift. :P Keep 'em coming, folks! This is great!

I forgot: I also have the BFH. My striker, however....



Add that to the list for the wife... One of the nice pretty young ladies who works at the Bavarian Beer garden who can carry 6-8 large steins of beer in each hand might be worth a look as a good striker. Think an attractive  woman who can serve you beer and has the upper arm strength to swing a big hammer! What more do you need in the shop? LOL




grinders of various sorts as well as sanders for finishing.


A welder of some type is always useful.

X2 on the fire extinguisher and a CO monitor isn't a bad idea.

All sorts of PPE and spares for help or watchers  , hearing protection, safety glasses, leathers, dust masks / respirators

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