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Cone Mandrel Questions


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Picked up this cone this weekend.  It's 36 inches high, 1-3/8" at the top and 6-inch diameter at the bottom.  Any ideas as to manufacturer or age?  It is a solid casting.  Also, I gave $200 for it, did I overpay?  I don't feel like I did based on other cone prices I have seen, but I defer to the members of this board to render their opinion.  I'm always willing to learn, even if it's not what I want to hear! 



Also, how would this have been mounted for use?  Since it's only 3 feet high, would it have been sitting on something? If so, how did they attach it so it wouldn't move around?


Thanks for any and all input.



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Two bills?  I'd say that you got a very good deal!  I haven't been able to find one in that good a condition for less than $300, and that doesn't include shipping costs.


For using, they are generally set directly on the floor.  As small as yours is, you could fasten it to a short stump to bring it up to a comfortable working height.

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Greetings Farmall,


Great find....   I have a few cone anvils ...  One about that size made by Green Mankel...   Roll a 3/4 ring and weld the ring to a 3/8 plate ..  Than screw it down to wood base....  It will keep it contained...   Have fun...


Forge on and make beautiful things


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I think that most of them were hollow cast, such as ones now being sold by Saltfork Craftsmen in Oklahoma. I have an old 48" one with a 1" thick wall. Some of them have a vertical groove, sometime called a "tong groove." But the groove can also conceal another attached ring, a link, or an eye bolt, leaving the ring free to hammer round. If no groove, use small jawed link tongs, so that the tongs don't interfere.


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It's one of those tools that you need every day, or once a month, or once a year depending on what *you* do!


But when you need one they sure are just the thing to use!  I have one of the missile nose cone cones and love it

and wish it was bigger.  It's just the thing to true up spider rings  (to hold pots off the fire)

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