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Rebuilt and unnidentified anvil

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I picked this one up at Quadstate back in September! It's rebuilt, and the only maker's marking on it is USA stamped clearly in the near side. (When the horn is on the right.)

Rings good, has better rebound than my fisher, and the horn is in good shape. Hardy hole is great and the face is flat too. It weighs 210 lbs. The edges are sharp all of the way around, so I can dress them as I please.

I need to get a stand built for it is all!

At $1.66 a pound, I don't think I did too bad! :) BTW, it is just sitting on that piece of plate!

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Nice. I hope it holds up well. I love sharp edges!! I have a big old Fisher that has none. Zero. It is in terrible shape. Somebody chipped ALL the edges off. Works well for draw-out, but I can't make nails/shoulder round & square stock on that anvil........ That is how they look new. What they are supposed to look like. 


Looks like somebody thought the same thing.


I realy realy need to get to that swap meet. I live in Northern Ohio, but teach blacksmithing almost every weekend and cannot get away. What a shame..............Maybe a field trip (???!!!)

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I got the stand finished up! Well except for the hammer racks. You couldn't ask for a more solid base. This thing is stout! I've been forging a little bit on it today and I'm very pleased with it. I have yet to bolt it down to the concrete because I'm not sure where I'm putting it yet.





The anvil is kept from all side-to-side, front-to-back movement by small tabs. It is bolted down to the stand with this 1-inch solid round bar frame that is bolted through the 3/8-inch thick top plate on the anvil stand.



Here is the "USA" stamp as well as the chiseled "L" that are the only markings I've found on the anvil. I'm assuming the USA is a factory stamp and the "L" was a bored shop owner.


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