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I Forge Iron

My Adventure This Summer

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We were glad to have you here this summer, Blake! I'd like to work with you some more. You have the tools now to help others and you'll learn so much more by enabling others to do the same.

Karen still wants to hear your take on it in the form of an article, and could you expand on your view of the experience?

Have you demonstrated for your association yet?

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Yes i really appreciate your hospitality! I am planning on visiting again, and am helping spread the knowledge. The demo for my local association is in planning and i am still discussing it.


Believe it or not i have started the article, just hard to find time to write it with so much school work ect. but it is in the making!


Hope to see you again and hope you and karen got the little note I placed in the shirt envelope when i shipped it back! :D


Stay safe!


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You guys are supper lucky have someone take you under his wing and show you so many methods of work and help you build up your tool kits. Brian, my hats off to you for doing such a great job with these guys. To all you young smiths, I look forward to watching you grow into outstanding smith! You are well on your way!


Well done all!

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