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Tailgating Info for Quadstate

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Hi guys,


This will be my first year attending quadstate, and I plan to haul along a "pile" of stuff to clean out my shop.


Could anyone give me any tips and advice for selling tools at this event?

Where to set up, when I should arrive etc

Any ideas on price ranges for common tools.

I am limited by my small truck on what I can bring and have to pick and choose, hate to bring along things people dont buy.


Thanks for any imput and hope to meet you there.



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You can find general information on SOFA's website: http://www.sofablacksmiths.org/conference2013/2013index.htm

Tailgating mostly starts setting up Thursday morning through the end of the day, more tailgaters keep arriving on through Saturday. Organizers onsite can direct you to where to set up, but anywhere along the asphalt midway and main dirt road.


Some returning tailgaters like to use the same high traffic locations each year, but it's actually first come, first served where you want to set up. When you register checking the box that you will be selling, they will mail you more information. Be aware that all these events are under pressure that the sellers report sales and collect sales tax.


You may want to cruise around and see what others are pricing their items to help you set your prices. Most buyers are looking for a better than average deal and prices start dropping by Saturday. Oh, and it often (usually?) rains at QS, so it helps if you have a canopy or at least something to cover your stuff if that matters. Good luck, look forward to seeing you there.

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Prices depend on if you really want to sell. Unsold eBay prices are for eBay. As for where to set up there is always someone wondering around looking even after midnight. If you don't like noise don't camp right next to the dog kennel

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Greetings Marcus,


Just a heads up... When you come into the grounds be prepared for a flock of guys trying to get first look at your stuff....  It's like flies on cotton candy..  Yep I'm guilty... You just can't take the junk hound out of this old boy...  See ya...


Forge on and make beautiful things



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Last time I sold I put out a piece of canvas, poured out a bucket of ballpeens on it and put a sign saying $3 each and a can for money and went and watched the demo's; emptying the can at lunch dinner and before going to bed---I'd always put some ones in it so folks could make change---had one fellow chasing my vehicle as I was headed out as he still owed me a couple of bucks and was horrified I might get away before he had paid me.

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Yes, blacksmiths and knife makers are generally an honest honorable crew, however, you never know who else might be around.  Last year David Oliver left his wallet on the set of the pickup.  David was in a wheel chair so you know that he didn't get far away but someone got his wallet.  Well, they took the $1,500.00 from his wallet and threw the wallet on the ground.  They had to have known that it was that old fella in the wheel chair they were stealing from.  Trust the folks at the conferences but keep your eyes open.

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