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Oil Quench --- What Type to Use?

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When testing I prefer my test coupons made from the same piece of mystery metal forged or ground to a uniform size. I start with the least aggressive quench, Air, then the second least aggressive, Oil and finally the more aggressive, Water. If it doesn't harden in water but it's past use indicated it was hardened I might quench in a brine solution such as Super Quench. 

My order of quenchants when testing is least aggressive to most aggressive with tests at each step.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Definitely Air, Oil, Water/Brine; otherwise, as mentioned, it may shatter in water not leaving anything to test in oil!

In general, I just do Oil and Brine tests as the alloys I generally use are not air hardening save under special circumstances----thin knife edges for example.

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