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OT - New handle on a straight razor?


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Not BS content but I figured someone might have a resource for this question...


I have a few old straight razors that I inherited from both of my grandfathers.  The blades are in very good shape but the original phenolic scales have cracked and broken with time.  There are a lot of websites on the 'net selling new, complete razor assemblies but does anyone know if there are places offering replacement scales that can be installed on an old blade?


Thx, Hollis

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You might check some of the straight razor forums. I think they are StraightRazorPlace and Blade & Badger. I know there are some guys on there that offer restoration service including making new scales. Also try the antique stores, I have fond some with poor blades and decent scales for pretty cheap.

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Why not make your own Scales or handles for the and have a Family heirloom?



That is certainly an option.  I have a lot of mesquite that could be used for scales but it would need to be stabilized.  Another option would be to cast some silver ones using the lost wax process.  Of course, all of that is a lot of work if I can buy some nice ones.

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What about homemade Micarta scales? 


Most are resin/fabric based but I plan to make some for a few straight razors here and intend to mix my own saved hair (from beard and head hair trimmings) mixed with colored resin.  Also been saving old used dry sheets to color/dye and put inside my cast hair micarta for added strength/stability.


However,let it be known that my heirs get my hair only after I am gone!  :ph34r:  B)  :P



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Hi, you could check on these websites. The first one is where I order my stuff for straight razors, they are very nice and offer a great service, plus the price on the handles are cheap. The shipping may be slow as they advertised but its because they check every products with great care before they ship.




This one looks great and their products seems to be more exotic (special woods, etc) I never ordered from them though, can't tell you if it's good.




Hope it helped.



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