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Meteoric knives and stainless fighter (picture heavy)


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In general I see meteoric blades made by flattening the material and then welding it to a core. That's beavuse meteoric metals have usually very specific patterns itself that is good to show. And because forging into flat shape eliminates a lot of inclusions.

I think you made a really good job on both projects. Do you mind me asking what steels did you use for the stainless san mai and if you use some kind of flux? I can't open the link you posted...



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Thank you Francesco. I used 416 and CruForge (1080 with added vanadium) core. No flux, I weld around the whole billot, leaving the last side open, wait for it to cool to room temp, then squirt some WD40 or liquid wrench in the gap, and close the weld behind it. The idea is all the oxygen burns up with the oil as it heats, the "box" keeping anything out as you weld and draw. I failed many times before getting this blade and one other. 

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Yah, some people put cigarette filters or cardboard inside to burn the oxigen. So, you welded an austenitic inox with a carbon steel... Well, next step could be a damascus inox... You need only to find the right steels to get a good contrast and a good hardening!!!

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