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  1. Railroad spike knife.

    This is the finished product, sold it .
  2. Railroad spike knife.

    Yea that was my plan, just makin it to look at. Thanks.
  3. Railroad spike knife.

    Been a while, i made this today with my dad on my new brake drum forge. Far from done.
  4. Canvas micarta edc

  5. Hunter green.

    Went with hunter green stain on this one.
  6. New knife.

    Yea i mean im still new and sand by hand so i guess i will get a belt sander sometime also, and thank you.
  7. New knife.

    I personaly have never used one on a knife all by hand, and i would proble just go with there advice unless you can make that work for you.
  8. New knife.

    Thanks i used bass wood for the handle.
  9. skinner

  10. Skinner

  11. lawnmower blade knife

    Its realy up to you i would start with something thicker and work it down till it feels comfy to you.
  12. New knife.

    My first wood handled knife.
  13. Paw knife.

    Thought i would leave a mark to show its mine hope you enjoy it.
  14. Shined up nice.

    Thank you i just got the wood handle on, will post pictures when finished.
  15. Shined up nice.

    Its file steel.