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Haven't used a Diamond, but got a 2 lb Nordic in trade a while back. It was tempered a little hard, even after dressing, a small mis strike took a small, 1/8 inch chip out of the rounding face. Same think happened on again about a week later, again on the rounding face.


Both should be able to dress out, but I was surprised to get chips.  New hammer, shipped from the manufacturer (traded a 3 lb sinking/boilermakers hammer for it)

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I've had and used both when I was a farrier, and I would not recommend either for two main reasons. First they are too light. I would recommend a three pound or larger hammer if you want to move metal 3/8 inches and up if you are an adolescent or older without physical problems. Light hammers will wear you out trying to move metal. Secondly, they are not ground very well for forging. A properly ground rounding hammer will afford you more surfaces to forge with. Hofi, Nathan Robertson, Big Blue, Aaron Cergol, Dave Custer and Chase Saxton forge larger rounding hammers that come with good edges for forging. They are a little more costly, but they are forged by individuals instead of drop forged.

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