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  1. Boyhowdy

    anvil stand 001

    OOPs.........that should read 4X6 Pressure treated lumber , not 2X6
  2. Boyhowdy

    anvil stand 001

    I used 2X6 Pressure treated lumber for main body,with 1/2"threaded rod to hold everything together. 2X4's around the base, and top. For the tool holders, I used 1.5" Angle with 2" Exhaust pipe welded to that.
  3. Boyhowdy

    anvil stand 002

    This is the backside
  4. Boyhowdy

    anvil stand 001

    Just finished the Stand today. I have looked at MANY different stands, and this style what I decided to build. It's quite Heavy duty. This is the front
  5. I love pattern welde blades. You do great work.
  6. Boyhowdy


    Looks Nice
  7. Boyhowdy


    Thanks everyone, I appreciate you input.
  8. Boyhowdy


    I would like to get some feedback from anyone who has used rounding hammers. I am going to purchase one, and would like to know, "Is there any difference in the quality..............NORDIC VS. DIAMOND?" Thanks
  9. Wayne should be able to take care of you.
  10. Boyhowdy

    Gas usage rate?

    Here is a link, This guy has the perfect example of an idle circuit
  11. Boyhowdy

    Gas usage rate?

    Right now at the coop near me I can get my 20 lb tanks filled for $14.25. At the exchange they are $22.00. That's quite a savings. As far as how long a tank will last a single burner forge will use (approx) 1 lb per hour @ 3 psi., 2 lbs an hour @ 6 psi, and so on..... Another thing that will make a difference in fuel usage is the type of insulation in the forge. Any gas forge should have a Reflective coating in it,(plistex,Metrikote,ITC 100 HT) if not get some. it makes all the difference in the world. I just finished building a (single burner) gas forge, and cannot believe how well it works. I get a hell of a lot more heat from that single burner, than I ever did with the 3 burner, which will now be getting a Metrikote treatment.
  12. According to his website he will be closed for a couple months, due to medical problems. He does have quite a selection of parts. Thanks
  13. Wayne, I did check out your website.......Impressive....I have it bookmarked......I will definately contact you when I'm ready to order some materials. Thanks again.