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Building a portable leg vise stand


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When i saw the first picture in this topic,


i wanted to built one myself.

I didn't want the chain, it seems to unstable to me. I prefere a fix system with three legs.

With three legs i also decided to use a round pipe as center post.


Planing phase was pretty short.


- Should have handles

- Foot plate for making it more stable

- foldable

- as light as possible


The stand will be fitting for my small 3" Leg Vise. The vise itself is in my parents house so i just built the carrying system.

My first vise stands were a bit to low so i added a extension for the leg and made the center post a bit longer.


First planing stage with just tack welded parts





Some time playing around the parts fitted and i did the missing ones.




I wanted to add some tools to my carrier plate and because i'm working alot with 120° parts i added some circles and the angles.

Three  M10 threads will help me add some additives.





It took me 5 hours with basic planning to get to this point.





and folded down





I guess it may take a while to get to the leg vise and finish the project and start a new one ( maybe a foldable small forge... so i can put all my smithing stuff in my fiesta's trunk ;) )











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Much better stand than my folding leg vise stand MUCH nicer. It's going to need a spot for the vise's leg to socket into. I'd put pads on the feet so it can be staked down, even that one will want to move unless it's secured to the ground. Think bending, twisting or using a sledge on big stock.


That's one well made stand. good job Hannes.


Frosty the Lucky

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I'm not sure where i got the idea, I know off one of the 'smithin' sites. I dont have pics right now, but will try to post some. My portable vice stand is a 2'x3' tread plate sheet with a 4" square tube welded towards one end, with a plate welded on top to bolt to. The tube is the height of the mounting yoke of the vice. As long as I am standing on the plate the vice cant be pushed over and I can put as much force on the vice as I can the vice mounted to the post in the ground.

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