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  1. Well, here in germany we´re using ash, robinia and sometimes maple and "Eibe". The wood grain in my handles are paralell to the blow, because the wood is in thid direction much more flexible and it prevents my hand, wrist and arm from shocks. I´ve learned this way from the dad of my old chief, alltogeter blacksmiths sice 5 generations, maybe it´s wrong, but we have had no problems in the shop. The last 5 years we´re glueing the handles with polyurethane - wonderful to work with it! Much less shocks! btw, the grain in axe handles are in line with the blow, because of more strength in removing the axehead out of the wood when it stucks. sorry for my bad and imperfect english Peter
  2. Hello, I have removed all wedges out of my hammerhandles and now they are glued in the heads with "sikaflex 11 fc" , the same stuff that Mr.Hofi used. Must say, it works pretty well now for 5 years. when the 11 fc is hardened, the handles are rasped, sanded and burnt black with torchflame. At last a little coating with "WD .." to prevent the bad insects - wood worms - . That´s my way. Greetings from germany Peter
  3. Hi, this is another wonderful way to recycle steel. Peter
  4. looks like a nice "must have"
  5. Das Ding ist mal nobel!! Gruß Peter
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  8. Woah, that is really the finest toolbox I ever have seen. Peter
  9. Hallo Hannes, die Zangen sehen gut aus. Ich mache mir meine auch aus Federstahl (bei gleicher Stabilität weniger Gewicht) Peter----------------hoffentlich zeigst Du noch mehr and for our american friends :) : Hello Hannes, the tongs looks great I make my tongs also from spring steel (the same stability by a fewer weight) Peter----------------hope to see more from you
  10. Grüss Gott Daniel, Ich muss sagen:"Deine Arbeiten gefallen mir!" Grüße aus dem Schwabenland Peter and for our no-german friends: Howdy Daniel, I must say:" I like your works! " - thumbs up!! Greetings from the Swabian Jura (wiki :D ) Peter (a little more in the south than Frankfurt)
  11. For scool classes I make a small horseshoe (from 20x5x120mm flat) and a nail ( 8mm round) to hang it up. Time to forge it out: horseshoe 15min, nail 5min Peter
  12. Thanks for sharing, a great idea!! I think this would be a nice work for me to show the visitors in the museum in our town. Peter (I hope, you permit it to me)
  13. Oh oh, without a mechanical hammer it would be a lot of work for me to forge such an axe. :D Peter