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I Forge Iron

my 12th hammer


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I am using some 2" stuff i bought from a  golf cart place about 5 years ago, still have 10 feet of it , I got 20 or so feet of it in 2.5"

it sparks like 1045 but you never know. anyhow haven't had any complaints about them so far just my personal feelings and observation.

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LOL, I needed an excuse to make another one i guess. :P   i just got a video camera last week, I will try to set it up when i make another one and film it.

if the wife lets me i might try this weekend LOL.  

I use the same punch as brian does and a 3 lbs rounding hammer to do the eye.

it's the same as with a striker, the progress is just slower, and you drop it a lot more since the billet is just lying on the anvil.

as for cheeking and the fullering, that's for the power hammer.

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Just echo'ing that I would love to see a solo hammer video... I made mine with Ed and Brian at his place with my striking and it still took a lot of beating, I cant imagine doing that solo without a powerhammer.  (of course, my striking left a lot to be desired, I think Ed may still be scarred!) :)


I agree drifting the hole would suck - I seem stuck with that lately, made my son a nice tomahawk out of a RR spike, tried to drift the hole for the handle last, needless to say was a mistake, scrapped the whole thing.

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Do you think a chain hold down would assist in punching and drifting the eye?

Although you might require a double chain hold down, so you can hold each side down leaving a free spot in the middle to punch?

I made this set up a while ago, just have not tested how it goes yet, seemed like a good idea for one manned operations lol

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