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I Forge Iron

alot of realestate even if it might be an aso

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I was looking around and this this popped out at me seems interesting if pricey 

was just  wounding if anyone knows anything about it

plus the description was kind of fun

"Large anvil for sale 2 feet long not including rounded tip 3 feet 1 and a half inches long including rounded tip. 7 and 3/4 inches wide 1 foot high. Pick up a must"

i am in no way shape or form affiliated with this anvil just thought it was kind of interesting
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Never seen the like, but I don't it's a cast-iron lump.  Looks like the horn is concentric which would be good for someone that's truing up a lot of rings.  The waist is weird, though.


Gotta be over 200# and that's a lot of work to go through for a sub-standard cast-iron-only anvil.

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yeah the most got changed a bit as it got bounced around the sight last night i had just put this up as it was interesting to see this pattern of anvil this size when the largest one with that wast pattern i had seen was 20lb

it is up for sale somewhere on the internet and there are a few more photos with it


i have no interest in buying it and its not worth the drive to sneak in and hit it with a grinding wheel so my bet is it will remain a mystery as to what is is cast from

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