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Improving vinegar removal of mill scale


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I normally soak stock in vinegar overnight to wire brush off the mill scale the next day,  Problem was I forgot to put the bar stock in LOL  So I brought the metal to a black heat and dropped it in the vinegar.  An hour later, it brushed off as easily as if it had soaked all night.  Before I get 'hate mail', PPE with good ventilation was used.

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OK besides the PPE issue... Do this in a well ventilated area because when I did this, all the stuff in the immediate area got rusty quicker, if this is not an issue, just ignore. Just be warned, you are putting acid in the air and it will land on something.

I use acids for color and I have learned over time to watch what is around me when I am doing this.

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Would like to add that the fumes from boiling vinegar can be harmful small animals like pets (bad) and most household pests (good). I've used it to get rid of flies and gnats before, just had to take the cat outside first. 

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