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I Forge Iron

had an anvil given to me.

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although im not gonna keep it, since he says its been in his wifes family for 40-50 years, i am gonna see if its usable at least til i find a better one. sorry for the pics, these are the best i can do til i get the anvil and take better pics. its got part of it broke off, you guys take a look. right now since i have nothing, i figure this is better than that. and for no more than what i plan to do at first, i dont see why this wouldnt work. 







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There's nothing you need to do to get that anvil ready for work; the face looks fairly flat and the edges have a nice radius.  You might take a wire brush to it to knock off any loose rust, but other than that I would leave it be for at least a year.  Give yourself time to get familiar with it and learn how to forge iron. 


Besides, now that you have your first anvil, more will pop up all over the place and you'll soon find yourself with something bigger and more complete.

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number looks like a 0   2   21

and it does look like a GLEEN to me too

How heavy do you think it is? less then 70Lb?? The numbers look clearish to me, the 1st and 3rd number anyways


to me the middle number looks like a 5 or 3, because of that lower rounded portion, and the lateral straight line that you have in a 5 or the old style 3. 


it say 70lbs is very near the ball park. only thing i can think of picking up near that size is a bag of portland. i will weigh it later tonight. 

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now that i look closer, it almost looks like it could be saying GOLDEN, and the O maybe looks like a wagon wheel, or an O with a cross in the middle.


it weighs 93lbs, so maybe the middle number is a 4? and the heel weighed 21lbs? probably pretty close.

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In the English hundred weight system the middle number is never anything other than a 0, 1, 2, or 3.   0  3  21 would be 105#



yessir, i misunderstood someone explaining it to me, i didnt realize their hundred weight is 112lbs either. i finally got to beat on it a little today. 

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