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    Interested in pretty much all types metal working and welding. I like Crafts and Trades and loads of other hobbies. Also enjoy many Intellectual pursuits.

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  1. how did you get all of these? have you just collected over the years?
  2. was your anvil cast iron? Cast iron is brittle and can crack if subject to a strong enough blow.
  3. I found a 150 lb. Hay Budden anvil on craigslist. It seems to be in fine condition minus some gnarly edges. How good do edges have to be for them to still be usable? The Seller wants $325. I would like to try and talk the price down. Is this a resonable deal?
  4. I was considering buying a harbor freight letter stamps set for putting my initials on forged work. The website claims that the stamps are High carbon, Although we all know that harbor freight tools are often of dubious quality. If I get the iron hot enough, will the stamps hold up? Any thoughts? http://www.harborfreight.com/hand-tools/stamping/36-piece-1-4-quarter-inch-steel-letter-number-stamping-set-35121.html If this is a bad Idea, then where would I get a real touchmark?
  5. I hope you are successful. looking good.
  6. I am more or less of a beginner and am looking for two pair of tongs that are the most versatile, and that fit my needs. I generally forge round and square rods that are 1/2 inch and under. What type of tong would handle these types of stock well? I get the impression that V-bit tongs and Wolf-jaw tongs are best for my applications. Any thoughts?
  7. Nice! I am thinking of forging one for my parents.
  8. I'm really needing a real anvil. After using far inferior improvised anvils for a while and using real anvils in my Guild's shop, I am getting the itch to own a real anvil. I plan to ask my guild members if they have or know of any for sale. I am looking for something not to heavy, probably more or less than 100 lbs. I am not able to spend over $300. Ebay and craigslist are unreliable and overpriced. Is this a reasonable budget for an anvil in good condition and In that weight? I thought about buying a new farrier anvil, but they are not really suited for blacksmithing and have all sorts of annoying shapes on them. What are your thoughts?
  9. I'm jealous cause I smith on the back porch!
  10. Nick Esposito

    anvil stand 001

    What are the raw materials for this stand?
  11. Is looking at hot iron a hazard, or just looking at the fire, or both?
  12. here an interesting PDF on the eye damage associated with IR. http://www.optometry.co.uk/uploads/articles/33aa07d53d20b5cbc6f17ffc81f0dc94_Voke1990521.pdf
  13. I'm still not quite understanding the hazards associated with UV and IR radiation from the forge. Is this only a hazard with a fire that is forge welding heat, or is it a hazard with any forge fire? What glasses should you use? I've heard some discussions on this forum say all you need is a welding shade #3, others recommend the didymium glasses. Is the principle concern UV or IR or both. I have found no common concensus on these forums. I love blacksmithing, but certainly want to keep my eyes in fine shape.
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