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Poll, do you have enough room


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  1. 1. Do you have enough room in your present smithy?

    • Would like to have more space.
    • Need more space.
    • Present size is the right size.
    • Need to down size and eliminate the unused space

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My "smithy" is made up of 55 gallon drums welded together to form 2 walls, with another back wall in the works. It all sits outside so you could say I have a 2ac workshop. I was only interested in blocking some of the wind we have here in the desert. With something like 350 sunny days, and 4.5" of rain on average I am not considering a roof. Now on the other hand most of my machine shop equipment is still a state away because I don't even have so much as a carport to keep it dry, and sand free. For that I will need an enclosed shop, and zoning will allow me to go as large as 10,000 sqft. That is only a matter of money, and time, which are both in short supply at the moment.

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Yea, I feel that. My wife has to keep her indoor parking space too.

We have plans for an outbuilding that will be my shop/forge/storage area, but everything NEW is on hold for now. Still have a lot of work to finish on the house from foundation repairs. Maybe next year...


I'm with both of you on this one. I'd be fine with a patio type roof to keep the sun and weather off me, and I'd be encouraged to build a fence and gate on that side of the house, then maybe a locker or cabinet to keep my smithy tools in. Would make life a lot easier, and not having to drag everything out doors every time might encourage me to work more on those marginal (a bit too hot or bit too cold) days.
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About 800 square ft and a big door on one end. Big enough............for now. Have another 1100 ft on the other side of the wall. But some machinery would then have to sit outside. Guess it'd be better than tools sitting outside! Maybe I don't have enough room.

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I'm in a 45' x 60' shed roofed, open air building, lil cold in it when it gets to -35 with snow drifting around me, but hopfully i can put up walls soon, I started at 10x10... and now i am finding that 45' is very narrow vw 60' length, so i need to figure that out...

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