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Poor Fisher Anvil....

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In my eternal quest for a Fisher anvil, I'm watching the region like a hawk. I knew the price was too good to be true when I saw this one just one state over..... and I was right.

Wow. For less than $50, I might be tempted to try a Gunter-style repair on it. But......


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I wonder if it was made on a monday morning after a holiday or the day after the Quality Control guy died.

FYI: Moldmaking was done Monday afternoon through Thursday. Mold were closed on Friday morning and poured once the iron was ready. Cooling all weekend, then open the castings on Monday morning.

I think that that anvil had a rough life and progressively lost its face. Then lots more hammering was done on it. If it was closer, I would grab it for the museum, as an example of what happens if you abuse anything.
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NJ, as cheap as that thing's likely to go for, it might be worth the shipping costs just so she can serve as a warning to others. Of course, her abused state might depress the other anvils in your collection, too.

Ironsmith, we should talk about that.

I'm thinking about taking a drive up to see this one tomorrow. It's a whole lot smaller than I'd like, but at least it's a Fisher!


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I think you are on the right track. Fishers had a nice thick face bonded to a cast iron body and I'd bet that way too heavy a sledging on too light an anvil could possibly affect that bond.

I have a large Fisher that was used as the anvil for a Blacker powerhammer; so they will take a lot *if* they are sized for the job!

I have an old, 1828, William Foster traditionally made wrought iron/blister steel anvil that has lost even more of the face than that one that I have on my display of abused anvils----not the worst one by any means, a very brutally handled Vulcan and a peter Wright missing everything above the waist are tied for "last place".

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