Home build induction heater

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4 hours ago, Errorgance said:

we're all lucky that you're still sane!


I was never that, but a little insanity is great for the creative soul. Or vice versa... ;)

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I've really missed working on this project and I hope that soon others will be able to make use of it! I just wanted to post a couple updates here.

I've got it hooked up to a decent chiller now. No more pond pump and the 5-gallon bucket with a small computer fan radiator. Although that worked quite well.


I also set the whole thing up on a rolling metal cart from Sam's Club. This was perfect, lots of room on the bottom for the chiller, a small area for spare coils and a shallow top for the induction heater to sit.


I'm now working on the firmware.

"To Infinity and Beyond!" - Buzz Lightyear

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Another video, this one goes over the basic functionality of the machine. Not how to use it but more how it works on a high-level. I'll be making videos of each component/system and how they specifically work individually, this is more a walkthrough of how they all work together. (And don't worry, I'll get a microphone before making those videos.)

Have a great weekend everyone! 


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I’ve been away but came back looking for this thread. So happy it’s coming out well. I have gotten my induction forge back up and going and have been really enjoying it. 

Super cool that you’ve been successful. 

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