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I Forge Iron

so here's where i'm going to be learning a thing or two

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some grate guy's have shown an intrest in showing me a thing or two on the anvil ! got the big shop to my self for a hour today ! was like being in heaven ! the little tent is Eric , he is very very good ! it looks as if sunday ill have the big shop to play in agen and a key to the shop if all goes good ! wish me luck ! heres some pics , more sunday...



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heres some more pics and some of the stuff i made , need'd the handles for my demo box so i made them, then had time to do a little fun thing. had a blast ! worked from 6 am to 4 pm at 100 F today but was the best day in a long time !


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Some people find the old weldors glasses with the wire screens on the side and have poly carbonate lenses put in---not much good against motorized impact injuries but will keep the scale out of your eyes at the forge.

Remember that the way many old time blacksmith's retired was when their injuries got too bad for them to work. If it comes down to safety vs looking old timey go for SAFETY! (I do early medieval smithing demos and appropriate eye wear for those times is an eyepatch or a rag wrapped around your eyes and a boy to lead you around to beg...I wear my glasses and ignore them mush like I ignore my fillings and bridges and my modern surgical scars...)

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Most people on this forum do not have access to a shop like that. Consider yourself lucky. Now go make a mess of it!

o yes sir, i made it loud and clear that i was honored to have the oppurtunity to learn and use the shop form these fine 13 or more year smith vet's ! and i try'd to use what they thought me in my work, and i think it showed seeing it was my first ever attempt at true smithing...i am very pleased with the way my handles came out !
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Take it from someone who has had to get a sliver of steel cut out of their eye. (Not from blacksmithing, splitting wood.) One hour of emergency eye care costs more than you will ever pay for safety gear in a normal life. And you will gladly pay anything to make the pain stop.

I wear safety glasses religiously now, even under welding and grinding hoods. And I still get stuff in my eyes, only now they are just low energy particles like dust. I have even had MIG sputterballs bounce around inside my visor and weld themselves to the inside of my safety glasses. Sooner or later the law of averages will catch up, always stack the deck in your favor and err on the side of safety.

They don't prohibit folks from wearing modern glasses otherwise, do they? Get the simplest clear lens/clear frame glasses, funky lens and frame colors should be saved for another venue. If they don't like it, tell them you will hide them for promotional photos only.

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Aman , just spent 60 days and no working at all for me , due to a Metal frag in my eye had to have it cut out and 4 days later a rust ring removed almost cost me me my right eye (I had Wiley X wraparound style glasses on ) it went under them Safetey First Bro .


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