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Where to get steel

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Hey guys new to this , and i intend on getting started making knives . I have spoken whith a guy that is a knife maker . He suggested for my first knife build i use 1095 , and i was wondering if anyone knew if i could find it locally . I live just outside san antonio , if anyone knows of a place to get it in or around san antonio ,tx i would appreciate it . Otherwise i will just order it online , but im itching to get started so if i can get it without waiting for it to get shipped that would be great .thanks in advance


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Jantz http://www.knifemaking.com/Default.asp
New Jersey Steel Baron http://stores.njsteelbaron.com/StoreFront.bok

If you are going to do your own heat treat, try 1070, 1075 0r 1084 first. These are easier to heat treat than 1095 which can sometimes be alloyed such that you have a very short window to get the steel quenched.

Have fun!

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You also may want to try being a “Scrapper” I like re-purposing metal. Rebar, Lawnmower Blades, Leaf Springs from cars, Railroad Spikes, & Metal Cable. For Cable, its the thick kind used for outdoor poles and construction. Google “Cable Damascus” and “Cable Pattern Welded”. I can get all of those things in bulk so I have plenty to use and make mistakes with.

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I live in San Antonio, though I'm about to move to the county outside of Floresville.

Around here, the only steel supplier I know of that carries anything other than mild steel is Westbrook Metals. The highest carbon alloy they carry is 4140, though. Good for axes and tooling (I made my power hammer dies out of it), but not a good knife steel. You'll need to order online.

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